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Life Transitions

Life Transition Therapy in Madison

Change, whether frightening, exciting, or confusing, is something we all will face at many points in our life. Moving, ending a relationship, aging, welcoming a child, getting married, losing a loved one, and changing careers are amongst the many changes that people will have to adjust to throughout their lives. Even if these changes were meticulously planned or are moving you towards something you have always wanted, they can still bring up feelings of anxiety, impact your identity, or you might just feel unmoored.

In therapy during life transition, we will focus on highlighting your resilience and discussing the challenges you are facing as you navigate forward. We will work together to identify the aspects of change you can control and those that you cannot and ways you can ground yourself in your identity and values as you adjust. Additionally, this will be a place for you to talk to someone who understands and to reflect on emotions and fears that may come up as you go through something difficult.

Therapy for life transitions can be a place to understand yourself better, break bad habits or form healthy ones, and/or learn skills and positive coping mechanisms. As you develop insight into the role you play in this change as well as your values and goals, you will be able to make mindful decisions during your transition that make you feel in control and comfortable embracing a new reality.

Recommended Resources for Life Transitions

Notes on Grief - Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Notes on Grief is a deeply personal yet universally relevant reflection on grief by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. The essay recounting her experience losing her father appeared in The New Yorker in 2020 and was followed with a book in 2021. The memoir addresses the many facets of grief and gives a voice to this complicated and harrowing aspect of life.