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The Affects of Depression and How Therapy Can Help

You are feeling disengaged from the world around you, there is a cloud of sadness that follows you throughout the day and you try to put on a brave face for the people you see every day so they don"t worry about you. No matter what you do you are exhausted mentally but also physically. Maybe you are sleeping too much or too little, maybe you feel restless or fatigued at all times, or maybe you are having a hard time concentrating. Depression is a common but serious mood disorder and its effects are felt throughout the body.

You deserve to feel better. Recovering from depression is not easy and requires confronting significant pain, shame, and negative beliefs you have about yourself. However, the result of that hard work is self-compassion and reconnection with yourself and those you care about. The road ahead may feel overwhelming but I am here to walk with you. We will take our time, stop to rest if necessary and maybe even double back for something we forgot.

As we work together I will empower you to explore the roots of your depression. Where is the pain coming from? Are there experiences in your past that have fed your depression? What beliefs do you hold about yourself that inspire so much shame and self-loathing? As you answer these questions, you will learn skills that will allow you to meet them with self-compassion and challenge thoughts distorted by depression.

I will also support you as you take concrete steps towards creating an environment conducive to healing. This may take the form of lifestyle changes, setting boundaries, or learning how to engage in self-care. You do not have to do this alone - l am here to help you move through this difficult time with hope and kindness.