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Therapy For Infidelity in Madison, WI

Infidelity is a painful breach of trust that can turn you and your family's lives upside down. You may be on the fence about whether this is the end or you should try to repair the relationship. The individual who was betrayed, may have questions that they need answered truthfully to move forward. Therapy can bring clarity to both of these issues.

As we discuss the affair and examine what led to it, both parties will be heard - allowing the person who had an affair to process the shame of their betrayal is as important as discussing the hurt and anger of the one who was betrayed. Everyone will have a chance to express their truth and experience. As we begin to understand the root of the affair, you will be able to determine whether you want to work towards healing the relationship or if it would be best to part ways.

If there is commitment to moving forward with the relationship we can begin rebuilding trust and respect. This process is different for everyone and I will work to help both of you identify and express your needs for the future of the relationship. Together we will aim to heal emotional and attachment wounds caused by the affair so your relationship can flourish moving forward.