Long blades of wet grass luring in thoughts of the heat of sexual desire.

Sex Therapy

Sex Therapy in Madison, WI

Sex, in its many forms, is an integral part of a healthy relationship. Sharing aspects of your sexuality can bring up feelings of shame, fear of embarrassment and rejection, or memories from a past traumatic experience. It can be hard to prioritize difficult conversations about sex while having to juggle stressful jobs, children's busy schedules, family obligations, and more.

Sex therapy is not just for relationships. Individuals may also choose to seek sex therapy in order to process sexual trauma, shame, performance anxiety or any reason that resignates with you. In our individual sessions we will address issues with acceptance and self-compassion.

My approach to sex therapy is sex-positive, body-positive, and rooted in the belief that consent is vital to healthy relationships. I believe that sexual identity and expression come in as many different iterations as there are people - the way you experience desire, physical connection and love is unique to you. I want to support you as you explore what this means to you and give you the language to communicate it to your partner.

Finger tips touching against a green backdrop. The peoples desire for each other isn't aligned and the are struggling to come together.
A couple sitting in a window, deeply in love, who enjoy their ethical non-monogamous relationship.
White shibari ropes on a white background which are used in kink and bdsm acts of bondage
Brown haired woman who has experience sexual trauma looking for a therapists to help her through a difficult time.


When you and your partner's desire for sex never seems to line up, sex therapy can help you figure how to move towards connection.


Address issues within your ENM relationship with a therapist that is well-informed and validating of you and your partners.


Kink-focused sex therapy fosters an accepting environment to explore unique desires and enhance communication and self-acceptance.


Begin recovering from sexual trauma with therapy tailored to meet your specific needs and make you feel safe and heard.

Sexuality is an expression of our spirituality, our creativity, our vulnerability, and our humanity.

- Esther Perel