A LGBTQ couple facing relationship struggles while sitting on a car and looking towards the future. Can we make this work? s

Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy in Madison, WI

I believe that everyone deserves to find fulfillment in their relationships. I aim to open up the door to meaningful change and understanding in relationships that are feeling stagnant or on the brink of ending. As a sex therapist, I also create space for clients to get to know their and their partners' sexuality and give them the tools to create a more satisfying sexual connection. In addition to couples, I provide support to various polyamorous and ethically non-monogamous relational structures.

A man and woman lying on there backs with their eye's closed in an ethereal light struggling to communicate.
Two damp hands touching in vying for connection.
A man who recently became a parent, snuggling a newborn child.
Polyamorous relationship of two men and a woman sitting in nook enjoying each others company


Explore and address issues that may be hindering effective communication in you and your partner’s relationship.


Cultivate a deeper emotional connection with tools to enhance intimacy and strengthen or revive your bond.


Manage stress and build resilience while navigating life transitions, such as marriage, becoming parents, or separating.


Receive support in a space that affirms polyamorous relationships and fosters communication and trust.

Love is about being vulnerable, taking risks, and opening ourselves up to the possibility of connection and growth.

- Cherríe Moraga