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Divorce and Separation Counseling

How Therapist's Can Help With Divorce, Separation and Co-parenting Counseling

Ending a long-term relationship is a big decision that can be hard to make. This is made even more difficult if you and your partner have children together or share a home or business. You want to be certain that whatever you decide to do, it is the best move forward. Equilibrium Psychotherapy provides counseling services for couples who are in the process of deciding whether to separate or couples who have separated and need help with parenting decisions, improving communication, or finding closure.

Divorce counseling for couples that are uncertain about divorce

If you and your partner are not sure whether you are ready for divorce or separation, divorce counseling can help you resolve this uncertainty. In our sessions, my aim is to bring clarity to couples in regards to their options as they begin exploring separation. Having space to discuss the future of your relationship will lead to discussions and decisions that feel thought out and collaborative.

This is a stressful process that brings about heartbreak, pain, anxiety, and guilt among other difficult emotions. Together we will identify what changes would need to be made in order for the relationship to be repaired and assess the practicality of these changes. You may decide that you are not willing to commit to the changes discussed and pursue a divorce. You may also decide that, while the changes might require a lot of work, you and your partner are willing to give it a shot.

This is a short term intervention that is not meant to “save” the marriage. If both of you decide at the end of this process that you do not want to divorce, we can proceed with couples counseling. This is where we can talk about rebuilding the relationship and restoring the connection between you and your spouse.

Co-parenting counseling that puts your children first

Effective co-parenting doesn't come easily. It takes conscious and collaborative work to overcome lingering communication difficulties that existed throughout your marriage or differences in parenting values. Luckily, we can start with a common goal: you both love your children and want to do the best you can for them!

When we are talking about co-parenting, our first priority will be your kids. Their needs and wants will always be factored into the work we do together. Making a plan and working through differences in parenting and communication will reduce your stress in the long run. All the time and energy that was being spent on frustrating conversations and arguments can be put back into the things that matter most.

Divorce mediation that is conscious of your priorities

Divorce mediation is a way of resolving your divorce that involves you, your partner and neutral third-party specialists working together to make decisions about parenting, asset/income division, and child support. Your team will help you identify you and your spouses priorities and help you find an agreement you can live with.

I provide mediation services through Madison Divorce Mediation. For more information on their experienced team and this process, please take a look at their website below.

Recommended Resources for Divorce Counseling, Co-Parenting or Divorce Mediation

Madison Divorce Mediation

Madison Divorce Mediation provides an alternative to traditional litigated divorce. You and your partner will team up with a mediator, an attorney neutral, and a financial neutral as you make decisions regarding co-parenting and asset division.

Two Homes, One Childhood

Robert Emery PhD. provides a guide to building a parenting plan that puts your children first. Emery does an excellent job at laying out considerations for a dynamic parenting plan that changes as your child grows.