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Gender Identity

Therapy for Gender Identity in Madison, WI

Gender identity is your innate sense of your gender. There are many labels people use to describe how they experience their gender (e.x. Female, male, genderfluid, transgender, genderqueer). You may resonate with one or a multitude of these or maybe you do not feel your experience is accurately represented by labels. For some, the label that they resonate is dynamic and fluid. However, you experience and express your gender, it is valid and to be affirmed.

Gender is often a huge part of our identities. When your expression of gender identity is not supported by the people and society around you or the body you find yourself in does not affirm your gender, it is common to experience trauma, stress, anxiety and depression. Finding spaces that allow you to express yourself authentically and building a community that supports you is important. As your therapist, I hope to support you as you navigate transitions, mental health challenges, and self-exploration.